Gram's Kitchen Creme

This container of small batch locally made crème may not change your life … that much.

But it will prolong the life of your favorite wooden things – like the butcher block your brother hand made for you … those wooden spoons passed down from your grandma …anything in your kitchen that’s made of wood will benefit from a dab of Gram’s Kitchen Crème … a specialty blend of beeswax, essential oils and edible mineral oil – with a beautiful satin finish and a perfect lemony scent.

My Story

Gram's Kitchen Creme

How do you use Kitchen Creme on your cutting boards and wooden spoons?

Before you start, it is recommend your cutting board or wood surfaces are clean. Give them a scrub with lemon, course salt and a damp cloth. Let thoroughly dry before applying your Gram’s Kitchen Creme.

The Kitchen Creme should be left to soak in as long as possible.  If time allows, let your Kitchen Creme soak in for several hours before wiping away excess.

Gram’s Kitchen Creme is food safe, works well on any wood surface, and will prolong the life of your natural wood kitchen items. 


We're loving Grams on all our cutting boards, implements - even wood countertops.  Its the perfect accoutrement to any kitchen!

Cari D

Love everything about this!

Stephanie O

I didn’t realize how much our bamboo cutting board needed some love until using Gram’s Kitchen Creme.

Ali C.

Love Gram's!  This is the best product I've used on my natural wood products to date.

Donnie B